About Us

So who are we? Here we will explain more about Teenpussyx in our about us page. We at Teenpussyx want to help everyone’s needs when it comes to finding the best teen porn videos online.

This maybe a short page but we just wanted people to know a little about our site. There is not too much to say about an adult tube site as everyone knows what they are and they just want to get to the porn which is reasonable.

We are an Adult Porn Tube website and we choose to be around the niche Teen Porn. Yes, it well oversaturated and a very hard niche to be when daily uploading videos and adding content.

We do not just wack on the auto uploader, no we spent hours adding videos and then implementaing our stragties to try help with the health of our site in SEO terms.

We have the love for the adult industry and we wanted to focus our site in the teen niche. Yes, like I mentioned before it is a very popular niche to be in, especially when trying to rank on google and the other search engines.

So we wanted to not just focus on Teen porn but also around Teens pussies. Yeah, still an hard topic to dive right into. We just named our domain Teenpussyx with the x because it is all adult and X-rated content. We also only show 18 and 18+ teen porn no underage.

We do focus a lot if not most of our videos all about the teens pussy videos. Besides Teen porn in our opinion is the most searched porn on the internet.

Why do people like teen porn so much?

A great question which is easily answered due to the amount of guys are often mostly attracted to teen girls. They find them more exciting and gives them such a turn on and thrill. As most teens are very attractive like hot teen blonde babes you see all over Instagram.

Here is a diagram on what is mostly searched by men and women:

top searched teen porn

As you see teen porn is straight at the top as for women the most searched is lesbian, which makes sense. But we don’t just show Teen pussy videos, yes it is our main focus as it’s our niche we are in. But we do other categories but all teen-focused.

For example;

Amateur Teen
Lesbian Teen

Tight Teen Pussy Porn – is one of our most popular

ect ect…

So yeah you will see a lot of new topics daily added to our website. We also have a gallery and recently started to add stories. You can also send us your stories on our Reddit page if you want them on here with credit to you. But please make sure there your own written content and not a copy and paste.